Pure Water Products has been selling PURA® ultraviolet system locally and worldwide since the early 1990s. We like ultraviolet (UV) technology a lot because of its basic simplicity. UV is a clean, natural technology that produces no wastewater and adds absolutely no undesirable by-products to the water you drink and bathe in. It’s simple—as straightforward as sunlight—and relatively inexpensive to purchase and operate. And, most important, it’s very effective.

There are several things that we like specifically about PURA ultraviolet systems.

They are simple to install and simple to maintain. They use standard pipe sizes that any plumber or well supplier can deal with. Installing them doesn’t require an advanced degree in engineering: the water goes in one side and comes out the other (much cleaner than it went in). Parts are readily available and simple to understand and to obtain.

The lamp, for example, is replaced once a year. (We’ll send you a reminder.) Unlike one brand we used to sell that used many lamp styles and sizes, most with ten-digit part numbers, PURA units use only 3 lamp sizes: #10, #11, and #20. If you have a very, very old Pura unit, one of these three lamps will still fit it.

Then there are filter cartridges. All PURA units are made with standard-sized filter vessels. The undersink units all use the most standard filter known — the 9.75" X 2.5" cartridge that's available everywhere. Larger units use the very common 20" X 2.5" size (the UV20 Series) or 20" X 4.5" (known everywhere as 20" Big Blue size). This means that you aren't stuck with ordering overpriced parts from a single source supplier (a common problem these days), but you can buy filter replacements from any number of sources. (We’ll send you replacement reminders for the filter cartridges, too, by the way.)

Anyway, we like PURA so much, and customer satisfaction with PURA units has been so high, we decided to put up an entire website selling nothing but PURA. The site lists the complete offerings of the PURA UV line, and we've added a few “generics” of our own that go well with the Pura originals.

Please don’t hesitate to call or write if there are questions.

— Gene Franks, Pure Water Products, LLC

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